Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parr on seeing

Secret Britain travel guide part one: Photographer Martin Parr on the beauty of everyday objects | Travel | The Guardian

I would urge everyone to start looking at the world in a different way. Spend some time looking at everyday objects, at their design, their shape, their individual characteristics. Think ahead and imagine their significance. Many are interesting and aesthetically pleasing in their own right, if you just give them some attention. And of course, the discipline of taking out a camera and documenting the things around you on film is a great way to start to open your eyes wider.
--Martin Parr

Saturday, April 18, 2009


all week i've been at the school of sound, london:


met, saw, and listened to wonderful people, including Japanese sound artist Akio Suzuki.

SoS is the most organized, beautiful, and poetic conference i've experienced. a poetic conference you say -- oxymoronic? i thought so too, but boy was i wrong.

(((sending out the vibrations absorbed in diane's closing sound, to silence)))

Riley and his story.

Minneapolis News - Monica Haller - page 1

a project by my dear friend monica, and her friend riley. i'm so proud.

Georges Braque used the metaphor of "two mountain climbers roped together" to describe his collaboration with Picasso in the early years of the last century as the two ventured into the uncharted territory of analytic cubism. I like this image of brute, self-effacing interdependence, of going places together that can't be reached alone. It's an apt image to describe the collaboration Twin Cites artist Monica Haller initiated with war veteran Riley Sharbanno and graphic designer Matthew Rezac. "Roped together," they embarked on an elaborate book project designed as a model for, and an invitation to, action in response to war. Nearly three years ago when Haller's college friend Riley gave her over a thousand digital pictures he'd shot while on tour as a nurse at Abu Ghraib prison, he didn't know that he'd started an artistic odyssey that would carry his images and words into the arena of contemporary art and far beyond.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

International Center of Photography - School

International Center of Photography - School

a refreshing sense of documentary pedagogy:

This class explores the ways that artists and documentarians engage with the public to produce collaborative and participatory works. Existing works are viewed and discussed. Students produce new works based on public interaction that uses photography, video, found and archival material, and the web in various ways. Students are allowed to self-determine some of the form and content of the class.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Little Brown Mushroom

Little Brown Mushroom

"During these last days of the administration, what is the point of protest, satire or any other sort of rabble-rousing? In assembling this collection of pictures I’ve made over the last eight years, I’m not really trying to accomplish much at all. But as President Bush once said, 'One of the great things about books is, sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.'" - Alec Soth