Saturday, April 18, 2009

Riley and his story.

Minneapolis News - Monica Haller - page 1

a project by my dear friend monica, and her friend riley. i'm so proud.

Georges Braque used the metaphor of "two mountain climbers roped together" to describe his collaboration with Picasso in the early years of the last century as the two ventured into the uncharted territory of analytic cubism. I like this image of brute, self-effacing interdependence, of going places together that can't be reached alone. It's an apt image to describe the collaboration Twin Cites artist Monica Haller initiated with war veteran Riley Sharbanno and graphic designer Matthew Rezac. "Roped together," they embarked on an elaborate book project designed as a model for, and an invitation to, action in response to war. Nearly three years ago when Haller's college friend Riley gave her over a thousand digital pictures he'd shot while on tour as a nurse at Abu Ghraib prison, he didn't know that he'd started an artistic odyssey that would carry his images and words into the arena of contemporary art and far beyond.


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