Sunday, May 17, 2009

Epic theatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Epic theatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "While the French playwright Jean Genet articulates a very different world view in his dramas to that found in Brecht's, in a letter to the director Roger Blin on the most appropriate approach to staging his The Screens in 1966, he advises an epic approach to its production:

“Each scene, and each section within a scene, must be perfected and played as rigorously and with as much discipline as if it were a short play, complete in itself. Without any smudges. And without there being the slightest suggestion that another scene, or section within a scene, is to follow those that have gone before.[3]”

Brecht, too, advised treating each element of a play independently, like a music hall turn that is able to stand on its own."

Actors frequently address the audience directly out of character ("breaking the fourth wall") and play multiple roles.


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