Monday, January 08, 2007

amazing namesake quote

"A photographer for a moving picture machine had hard luck at Orange NJ, recently in his attempt to depict an engagement on San Juan Hill. He engaged eighteen negroes to represent Spaniards [...] and costumed them appropriately. He paid the negroes 75 cents each in advance, gave them some beer, in order that they might be in fighting trim, and then adjusted his photographic apparatus. When ready the Vitascope man found that the "Spaniards" had disappeared, taking with them 200 rounds of blank cartridges. The police found a number of the pseudo Spaniards later engaged in a game of craps, but as they fled no arrests were made.

-- "'Spaniards' Would Not Fight: Vitascope Man Badly Treated by Men He Hired to Mimic the Battle of San Juan," Phonoscope Apr. 1899: 15


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