Friday, January 11, 2008

Democracy Now! | Headlines for January 10, 2008

Democracy Now! | Headlines for January 10, 2008

Bush Warns Iran on Naval Dispute

Meanwhile President Bush also continued to criticize Iran for a naval confrontation between Iranian and U.S. boats this week.

President Bush: “Our ships were moving along very peacefully off the Iranian border, in territorial waters–international waters, and Iranian boats came out and were very provocative. And it was a dangerous gesture on their part. We have made it clear, publicly, and they know our position–and that is there will be serious consequences if they attack our ships, pure and simple."

Iran has accused the U.S. of faking video footage showing Iranian speedboats approaching the U.S. warships.

Ex-CIA Official Demands Immunity for Videotape Testimony

The former CIA official who ordered the destruction of videotapes documenting prisoner interrogations has reportedly said he won’t testify before Congress without a grant of immunity. Jose Rodriguez was head of the CIA’s clandestine service when he ordered the tapes’ destruction in November 2005. He was subpoenaed last month.

NSA: “No Attack Happened” in Gulf of Tonkin

Newly declassified documents have provided more evidence the Johnson administration faked the Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the Vietnam War. The alleged 1964 attack on U.S. warships by North Vietnamese was used as a pretext to increase bombing and troop deployments in Vietnam. But a report from the National Security Agency concludes: “no attack happened that night.”


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